Quiz: 4.9- Acidification Lab

· Acid Rain and Global Warming

o CO2, Sulfur Dioxide, hydrogen chloride àAcidic solution

o Carbonic Acidàdissolved CO2

o Sulfur DioxideàAcid Rain

§ Comes out of Volcanoes and industrial pollution

§ Kills forest, pollutes water

· BQs 32-35

o 32.) Which city has the hardest water?

§ Denverà most Calcium Carbonate

o 33.) How much sodium chloride would a person in Memphis take in from drinking water each day or year?

§ 0.05 each day, 18.25 each year

o 35.) Why are large deposits of sodium chloride and potassium nitrate near the surface of the earth are found mostly in deserts?

§ Desert was once an ocean

§ No rain to wash away/dissolve solids at the surface

· Two Gases Lab

o Hydrogen- less dense than air; won’t escape inverted test tube

§ Biggest errorà Not waiting 30 seconds

o Carbon dioxide- more dense than air, won’t escape the upright test tube

· Acidification of Water

o Pheonol red changes color as you add CO2 into water

o The CO2 turns to Carbonic Acid lowering ph of the water

o Calcium tablet is more soluble in cap with straw

o b/c the carbonic acid lowers ph and dissolves calcium faster

· Ocean Acidification

o Ocean ph decreased 0.1

§ About a 25% drop

· Normal ocean ph to liveà 8.0-8.4

§ Lower ph will cause shelled animals (shrimps, mollusks, etc.) to not be able to build a shell