Cell organelles

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The nucloues

The nuclouese is the main part of the cell. It controls what the cell is to become like if it to be a skin cell or muscle cell. The nuclouese holds the dna for the cell.

The cell wall

The cell wall is only found in the plant cells. it provides structruel support for the plant. it is around the cell membrane.

Cell membrane

The cell membrane allows nutrients to come in and to let waste out. it only lets in what the cell needs to live inside.


the cytoplasm keeps everything from moving around to much. If it was not there there everything would collide and it will not work properly.


the mitochondria is what provides the energy for the cell. It produces ATP for the cell to use. it breaks down glugoes for they cell to use.


The vacuole is what stores the water, waste, and food. In the plants cells the vacuole is a lot larger then the ones in the animals cells.


the lysosome it breaks down food into smaller particles that the cell can use.


Chloroplast is found only in plant cells. it is the cell that makes the plant greens. it is responsible for photheysese. it makes sunlight into energy.


Proeceotic cells do not have a nucloues their dna is in their cytoplasm. They ar eforms like bacteria


Eucarotic cells do have a nucloues like skin cells on you


This part of the cell makes protein for the plant.


This part transports materials around the cell

Gogi aperats

This part makes pacages for they cell to send materials on.