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October 26, 2020

Coaching Positions are now posted!

Interested in coaching sports at Anthem School? We have posted our coaching positions for the spring semester. Go to or call Kathy Caylor at 623-376-3704.

Early Release at 2:00 Friday

This Friday is an early release for Professional Learning Communities. Our time will begin with a teacher Zoom meeting to review data accessible, set agendas for the day, and share out an exit form for accountability. During team time, teachers will be working in grade level teams to work on the 4 questions of PLCs, focusing on what our current data tells us and how we are responding to the data to meet student needs, plan to achieve grade level goals, and identify how we will assess student progress.

We thank you for your continued support of this valuable time.


The 4th annual High School to Career Expo is going virtual. Join us for this #extraordinary

@DVUSD event this Thursday October 29th at 5 pm. Teachers & student ambassadors will answer all your questions about career & college opportunities through CTE!


Click below for the November school lunch menu!

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Hello Families,

The motto in school this week is:

I make the most out of each experience.

It is easy to make the most of a good day but making the most out of a difficult day takes skill because it is hard to be positive and resourceful when we feel frustrated. When we are frustrated, we are more unwilling to replace any unhelpful, discouraging thoughts we may have with helpful, encouraging ones.

For example, imagine if your child struggles with homework and says, “I can’t do this!” They may not be ready to believe, “ I CAN do this!” but they might be willing to accept this thought, “Maybe I can’t do this, but maybe I can.” It is a small change, but an important one.

The next time you hear your kids say, “I will never understand this,” see if you can gently encourage them with “Maybe, that is true, but maybe not. You don’t understand it yet, but maybe you’ll figure it out.”

Why is putting maybe before a negative thought helpful?

Worry and anxiety often stem from imagining the worst possible scenario. Yet, the very worst scenarios don’t often come true. Saying “maybe” helps us realize that we don’t know what will happen. When we say “maybe” to a negative thought, we make room for a more helpful or believable thought to take its place.

For example, if we think “Mornings are awful,” it is unlikely we would believe, “Mornings are awesome.” Positive self-talk isn’t helpful if we don’t believe it. Perhaps we can believe, “Maybe this morning won’t be so bad.” Using “maybe” may only make a small improvement in our experience, but it’s a step in the right direction because we deserve a better experience.

Be well,

Danna Evans
All Things E.Q


  • October 30 - Early Release at 2:00
  • November 6 - Early Release at 2:00
  • November 11 - No School
  • November 20 - Early Release at 2:00
  • November 23 - 27 - No School

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