Staff Memo

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

MAP testing - please read and understand

If you followed instructions, you have made note of who is missing a test and who did not finish a test. It is essential that every student finish every test. It would be a critical error for a student to not take or finish a test.

Second... I will try to explain this again how it works. We can have a limitless number of students taking a variety of tests on the same session, but se can only have one testing session open at a time. So, only the kids who are in a particular named session can log on to finish a test at the same time. For example, let's say the test is named kitty1234 and that we have K5, 4th and middle school students all testing at the same time in various places and on different tests. Let's say that we have 2 students from each class that didn't finish the test. Those students can then finish their tests at the same time as we just restart the test.

Having said this, it is critically important for every teacher to identify every student who either missed a test or did not finish a test. We asked you to put the info on the spread sheet and some of you did and some of you did not. There is no acceptable reason for me to find that we have a student without a test score at the end of this session. Every teacher needs to do what is necessary to follow through completely on this task. Homeroom teachers have one class to focus on, we have about 340 students who are testing.

Thank you for giving this the importance it deserves.

Grades and Final Report Cards

If you are smart, you will begin working on comments now. Nothing will change in the next 7.5 days.

I do need confirmation of those Honor Roll and Principal's list awards for the year for next week, so I will do an upload and actually print copies of 3rd thru 8th grade report cards for teacher review only. Please double-check this against what you submitted and make the necessary changes.

3rd through 8th grade teachers....I do believe in grace, don't you? If you have a student who had one B throughout the year, I have no issue with giving the student that Principals List Award. If you have a student who had one C through the year, I have no problem with giving the student that Honor Roll award. For both, this is assuming that the one low grade was a fluke and there were not extenuating circumstances.

I will put the reports in your boxes by tomorrow.

We will be printing a preliminary Perfect Attendance list today and will be circulating that. It is your responsibility to review this and look for any issues. If you think someone is missing, let me know. If you think someone is on the list that shouldn't be, let me know. Bear in mind that we will generate this list based on the data that you have put in the computer.

Summer School and retention

These letters at long last were mailed. It took me much longer than it should have because unfortunately not everyone was timely in submitting this information. Be prepared to support this decision when parents come to you with real facts and data about the child's areas of struggle. Repeating a grade is not sufficient. The grade is a symptom of the problem, it isn't the problem.

Second, some of you gave very detailed information which is what I asked for, and I appreciate it. This information will be shared with the summer school teachers so that they know exactly what to focus on. Some of you gave me grades and general information. I will let you know if you need to provide more information.


It is scheduled to be here today or tomorrow. When they are put in your boxes, first write a name on the inside front cover of every yearbook in permanent marker BEFORE you pass them out. Then, decide how and when students are able to have others sign them. Make sure that the kids understand this. And do give them time over the next days to take care of this.

Chapel Offering this week

Funds are already coming in. We are collecting for funeral expenses for the three young men who were killed on Saturday while they were waiting to go to their soccer game. All three attend area schools and one went to school at the middle school across the street. Please talk to your kids and parents. Middle school is not having chapel this week but you should definitely still have a offering.

End of year Responsibilities

You will be getting a check list but just to give you a heads up ahead of time, you will be responsible for

  • inventory all of your curriculum for ordering purposes - must be accurate!!
  • packing up your room ( great time to weed out stuff you won't use)
  • thoroughly checking for accuracy, then collating your final report cards and test scores
  • filing them and preparing them to go out to parents
  • PK thru 5th - articulation cards
  • Summer maintenance list and wish list
  • Other duties as required based on position.

Please do not make me chase after you to get this completed.

Using the church

Please everyone... if you use the church for any reason, make sure that it is cleaned up ... leave it better than you found it. Make sure that you turn down the ACs as instructed on the regulators, turn off the lights and most important TURN OFF THE COMPUTER AND PROJECTION if you used it.

Pastor turned everything off after chapel on Friday and when he came in on Sunday, he found the computer on, not sure about the projection.

Please and thank you .

End of year Calendar - Heads up.... it's busy!

Wednesday, May 29: 8th Grade Graduation practice after lunch

Thursday, May 30: VPK Moving up program 9AM

Thursday, May 30 - Athletic awards 1:00PM BE ON TIME

Friday, May 31: 3rd grade field trip.

Friday, May 31st: 8th grade dismissed at noon

Saturday, June 1st: 8th Grade graduation 2PM

Monday, June 3rd: Student services field trip

Tuesday, June 4th: End of year awards PK - 2nd 9AM

Tuesday, June 4th: PTL Social 6PM

Wednesday, June 5th: End of year awards 3rd-8th 9AM

Thursday, June 6th: Last day of school, all school chapel, early release

Thursday, June 6th: K5 Graduation 7PM

Sunday, June 9th: Beverly's retirement dinner 5:15

Staff lunch out will be scheduled.

Friday, June 14th: All end of year responsibilities must be completed.

Lunch accounts

Please be sure to pay your lunch and any other balance.

If you have escrow, your summer escrow should kick in with this week's paycheck.