Regal Leader

Volume 99 - October 14, 2019

The Week Ahead

You made it through homecoming week! Thank you to Allison and Kimberly for their awesome efforts in planning the week's activities. Thank you to everyone for your patience and enthusiasm during the week.

Picture re-takes are Monday. Students will be called out of class if they need those done and whenever elementary gets done with their pictures.

We are going to have our prayer services at 2:15 (same time as Mass) in order to allow more time for independent reading. The time after Mass has not been as much as we anticipated it would be. Please be vigilant in making sure the students are using this time for its intended purpose.

7-12 service day is next Friday (October 25). Teachers will sign up for or be assigned to groups of students to moderate during the day.

October 25 is also our 45th day of school. That is our 1st semester midterm. Make sure you are contacting the parent/guardian of any students that are under-performing and/or getting a D or F. Email is convenient as sometimes effective, but phone calls should be used if you are not getting a response via email.

Don't forget to get registered for the online course if you are seeking re-licensure credit.

Monday: Picture re-take day

Tuesday: School customer service webinar @ 1:00, 7-12 conference cross country meet at Kickers @ 4:30, Varsity conference volleyball tournament at North Cedar @ 5:00

Wednesday: PSAT in a.m., Prayer service @ 2:15, Webinar @ 2:30, Finance Comm @ 4:30, Executive Comm @ 5:30

Thursday: AEA Tech PD @ 2:30, Varsity conference volleyball tournament TBA

Friday: Teen CERT meeting @ 9:00, Football senior night

Have a great week!