Ai To Okashi Maid Cafe

Ai TO Okashi Is Amazing!!!


The Ai To Okashi Maid Cafe is a cafe where you can enjoy many sweets, pastries, sandwiches, coffee, and any other drinks! You can come to see live maids preform for the guests at our cafe. The maids do plays, Concerts, dances, and even comedy scripts! You come to this Cafe and you will enjoy. Promise!

~Joining our staff~

If you want to take part of being a maid at the Ai TO Okashi Maid Cafe you have to get a interview with the manager or our boss they are always around so you can contact them! After contact with ether the manager or boss they will interview you and make sure you have a skill to become a maid. If you pass the interview you have to do a trial which is a week working everyday with customers and if you do well, you have the job! Good Luck!


You can contact our boss if needed or manager. Our bosses name is Neko-san so please get a hold of her if you can. If not Neko-san then please contact our manager her name is Jani-san she is the one who hires and watches the staff. Please contact us if needed!

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That Link Below shows how a maid cafe works, similar to how our maid cafe works.

~Our Twitter!~

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This link is to contact our boss and tell her how you feel or want at the maid cafe!

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