BJHS Math 7 - Unit 1

Review What We Do In Class

Week 1 Rational Numbers - Classifying sets and subsets of numbers

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Questions to think about

How are different sets and subsets of numbers related? How are counting (natural) numbers, whole numbers, integers and rational numbers related?

What relationships exist within our number system, and how are they used?

What types of visual representations can be used to represent the relationships between sets and subsets of numbers?
How can a number belong to the same set of numbers but NOT necessarily to the same subset of numbers? (Create representation from inside out).

Click the green hyperlink buttons to practice. Review Resources (visuals, Power points, and games)

Week 2 - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Decimals & Integers

Use ALL operations with fractions and decimals. Do you know WHEN to move the decimal? What do you do when you do NOT have a large enough numerator to subtract? Do you always need a common denominator? What strategy to do you use to DIVIDE fractions?
Padlet Add, Sub., Mulit. and Divide Pos & Neg Numbers

We have SPECIFIC STRATEFIES to help us remember when the sum, difference, product or quotient is positive or negative.