Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, sometimes called the Devil's Triangle, is reputedly an area in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. A number of aircraft and surface vessels are said to have disappeared in the triangle under unknown circumstances.

So what is the mystery all about? Let's find out more!

Location of the Bermuda Triangle a.k.a Devil's Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is located off the Southeastern coast of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean, with its apexes in the vicinities of Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. It covers roughly 500,000 square miles.

List of ships and aircrafts reported missing, taking over 1000 lives.

  • 1872: The Mary Celeste
  • 1945: The disappearance of 5 Navy avengers - Flight 19
  • 1947: Army C-45 Superfort vanishes 100 miles off Bermuda
  • 1948: Four-engined Tudor IV lost with 31 lives
  • 1948: DC-3 lost with 32 passengers and crew
  • 1949: Second Tudor IV vanishes
  • 1950: Giant US Air Force Globemaster lost
  • 1950: American freighter, SS Sandra (350 ft), sinks without a trace
  • 1952: British York transport plane lost with 33 aboard
  • 1954: US Navy Lockheed Constellation vanishes with 42 aboard
  • 1956: US Navy seaplane, Martin p5M, dessappears with crew of ten
  • 1962: US Air Force KB-50 tanker plane lost
  • 1963: Marine Sulpher Queen vanishes without a trace
  • 1967: Military YC-122, converted to cargo plane, lost
  • 1970: French freighter Milton latrides disappears
  • 1972: German freighter Anita (20,000 tons), lost with crew of 32
  • 1997: Passengers dissappear from German yacht

Let's now take a look at one of the MYSTERIOUS disappearance - Flight 19 ......

What exactly happened to Flight 19?

Bermuda Triangle: what happened to Flight 19? - BBC

Men of Flight 19

Three Possible Truths

  • Underwater Earthquakes. Though none have been officially recorded, scientists have found a great deal of seismic activity in this area. In shallow areas, underwater earthquakes have the power to cause such disturbances such as the tsunamis of the far east.
  • Pirates. A common way to get into the drug smuggling business in the 70s and 80s was to pirate a boat for your business. Suspicion also arises at the coincidence of the World Wars and the greatest count of mysterious acts in the Triangle.
  • The Gas Bubble Theory. A theory also exists among serious scientists that a high concentration of gas hydrates that exists in the area causing the water to become less dense within small patches. This would cause ships to sink quickly and without a trace.

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