Providence News

December 2014 Issue No: 6

Notes and Reminders

Thank you all for another very successful holiday donation drive. The Salvation Army Family Shelter staff was speechless. They said, "for some reason people forget about us during the holiday season".

Monday - December 22 is PJ's & Pizza Day. No need to pack a lunch, we will provide Pizza, just send them in their favorite pair of Pajama's.

School Closed - Winter Break: 12/24, 12/25 12/26

Early 11:30am Dismissal: Wednesday - 12/31

School Closed - Thursday and Friday 1/1 & 1/2

January is sure to bring cold and possibly inclement weather. Be sure to send in Hats and Gloves with your children as we will be going outside. Feel free to send in those snow suits on snowy days.

School Delays and/or Closings due to weather conditions will be posted on our Facebook Page.

Montessori Prep

The Montessori Prep has made a lot of progress in choosing their work, bringing it to the table and putting it back on the shelf. They all love doing the craft in the classroom. Sometimes they don't want to stop! Every time one of the children finishes a craft we hang it on the wall and congratulate them and they get really excited and proud of their work. Also I want to thank all the parents for their contributions to the Thanksgiving feast they really enjoyed it. Quick reminder please send in hats and gloves, also remember when it snows we do go outside, so please send in snow boots and any other clothes needed.

Pre-Primary Montessori Class

The Pre Primary class have been busy little elves the past two weeks.

The children have been learning about the December holidays through various songs such as Jingle Bells and Dreidel-Dreidel-Dreidel. Please be sure to stop in the classroom to see all the beautiful holiday decor the children proudly created.

The children have learned about Hanukah and counting the eight candles on the menorah.

One of the Christmas traditions the children are learning is through our felt story of the 5 lonely Christmas trees looking for a home, "chop,chop,chop".

Please look for our magic reindeer food coming home soon.

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Primary I

The weather outside is Frosty, but inside we are cozy, warm and busy. December is a busy time for holiday preparations, family gatherings, and creative crafting. In Primary I we love practicing our practical life skills. Some of our favorite activities are holiday tie weaving, wreath decorating, stringing rings on a ribbon, and spooning red, green, yellow and blue objects.

Amongst all of the holiday hubbub we are still continuing lessons in math and language. In math we have been counting candy canes, adding candles on menorahs, and reviewing the decimal system. Our latest sounds of the week were “f” as in feathers and “g” as in gelt (Hanukkah coins) and glitter gluing. Our next sound is “h” as in Hanukkah and holidays around the world. If you have any holiday traditions that you would like to come to school and share, we welcome all visitors. Just let us know when you would like to come and we will fit you in our classroom schedule.

Since the weather is changing outside and bringing lots of precipitation of different sorts, we use these opportunities to talk about changing temperatures and climate. This is also a great time to gather your child’s winter weather wear and dress them in layers for outside play. Don’t forget your child’s hats, mittens, and boots as the snow becomes an awesome gross motor play environment in the months to come.

Our class hopes your holidays are filled with family fun time together making special moments to be treasured all year long.

Primary II

Primary II is continuing to work very hard while Miss Cassandra is on maternity leave. We were excited to hear that she had a baby boy. The Kindergarten children had all kinds of guesses for the babies weight. They ranged from 1 lb. to 100 lbs. I'm sure Ms. Cass was happy that wasn't the case. We wish Ms. Cass a wonderful leave and will continue to work hard while she is gone.
The last few weeks of November we spent time making our own Turkey placemats with feathers showing what we were thankful for. We read the story of the First Thanksgiving and made bead bracelets with colors that reflected the first feast (ie yellow for the corn they grew and ate, blue for the water etc.)

In Geography we worked on a project "All about Me" It showed how we live in a town, in a state, in a country, in a continent and planet. The were very excited to make this. We also worked on an earth showing the land and the water.

In Language we learned how the sounds ff, ll, ss and sometimes Z are "glued" closely together because they make one sound. We also talked about using exclamation points in punctuation. A few of the children have started writing experience stories.

In Math we continue to work on the decimal system but have also moved onto the addition strip board and addition with beads.

In art we have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh's style and made our own starry Night pictures. You can take a look at them in the lobby.

During circle time we have been reviewing our Continent song and have learned the Pledge of Allegiance.