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HSEA works to connect teachers with teachers while advancing the profession of teaching.

November 2015....THANKFUL for our members!

Words From Our President...

Substitute. The dictionary defines a substitute as a person or thing acting or serving in place of another. The definition takes me down memory lane! I have been employed continuously since I turned four years old. (This is not a typo!) However, that's a column perhaps for another day when I might discuss such scintillating topics as exceptions to child-labor law compliance.

Substitute. Instead, the story begins in high school. I served as a substitute when workers in my parents' restaurant took a vacation during the summer. When the dishwasher took vacation, I became the substitute "pearl-diver." When waitresses went on vacation, I waited tables. When the cooks needed time off, I became the cook. (Eggs over medium became my greatest challenge.) My role as a summer substitute continued for a few years after college when I taught until my parents sold the business.

Substitute. My last semester of college, I had classes three days a week. That left Tuesdays and Thursdays where I could substitute. I mainly subbed at Southport High School, my alma mater, and at Manual High School where I student taught. In fact, one day I subbed for the spouse of one of the current teachers in our district! I subbed two days in elementary school. After the second day, I called the IPS sub office and requested that I only be sent to high schools, no more elementary for me! That marked the moment when I truly appreciated the life of an elementary teacher as well as the sub for that level!

Substitute. After many teaching interviews failed to net a job, I prepared to be a full-time sub. I completed the necessary state paperwork and had my tuberculosis test which used to be required. Luckily, I received a job offer the day before school started in Wayne Township in Indianapolis. Of course, they would not honor my previous tuberculosis test so I had to undergo the procedure again!

In essence, I served as a substitute during the first semester of my teaching career as I subbed for a teacher on maternity leave. I even had an emergency permit as I taught French and English without an English license. French teacher desperation led to my hiring. In November, the teacher on leave elected to stay home with her family so I remained for the remainder of the year, but elected to seek a different job as I did not want to add English to the list of subjects I could teach.

Substitute. As I acted as a sub for my first year of teaching, I remained healthy so I did not require a sub myself. In fact, I have been fortunate to never need a sub for personal illness. (Knock on wood--knock--knock)

Substitute. At Southeastern, my first year there, I received 12 sanctioned days to be absent via 10 sick days and 2 personal days. My second year I received 9 days to be absent via 7 sick days and 2 personal days.

Substitute. Today, all full-time teachers in this corporation receive 10 sick days per year and 4 personal days for a total of 14 days. Teachers may also carry an unused personal day over from the preceding year and use five days in one year. Times have changed at HSE Schools.

Substitute. The last few years, we have employed the Discussion process to draw attention to the shortage of substitutes. This year, the conversation started even earlier in the school year at the first discussion meeting. The conversation continues to occur whether it is brainstorming recruitment strategies, coverage strategies, or looking at trends.

Substitute. In conversation with administration, I learned that perception exists that HSEA shoulders some of the blame for the substitute shortage. HSEA bargained better than state minimum benefits thus allowing teachers to be absent more. The syllogism goes...if teachers did not have as many days, they would not take off as many days.

Substitute. I am not advocating that you come to school ill. However, I am advocating a judicious use of days on all of our parts.

Substitute--something acting in place of another. For example, have you ever made a dessert that required cream cheese? You could substitute 1 cup of pureed cottage cheese according towww.allrecipes.com. Mmm. If I run out of cream cheese, I am never going to have cottage cheese on hand. I'll definitely want the real thing, and not the substitute!


President - Janet Chandler

Executive Vice-President - Karin Foster

Vice-President Membership & Elections - Deb Jackson

Vice-President Politcal Action - Ben Yoder

Vice-President Communications & Public Relations - Leslie Brown

Treasurer - Mary Carson

Secretary - Terri Zabonik

HSEA Member(s) HIGHLIGHT......


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Kathy's words and her journey with HSEA......

I started at HSE in January of 1978 covering a maternity leave--and the rest is history!. Those first few years HSEA was in independent local--no affiliation with NEA nor ISTA. We were ALONE. The Bargaining team changed members about each year we bargained because no one really knew what they were doing and they wanted to "share" the experience. Our salaries were among the lowest in the state. We did not have many fringe benefits.

I was asked to be Vice-President of the independent local after teaching here for a couple of years. That meant the following year I became PRESIDENT. Wow! Did I learn a lot! Fortunately another young teacher was working with me--Janet Chandler!-- and we struggled on. Finally the two of us decided we needed help! We contacted ISTA and thus began our relationship with Educational Leaders. All of our local members were not really in favor of affiliating with the state and national organizations--too much money. (Some things never change.) But after working several years the local voted to affiliate with ISTA and NEA.

Janet and I traded the roles of President and Vice President for several years. I stepped aside-but Janet is still there. I have been an Association Rep throughout the years. I have seen our schools increase in salary as to be very competitive with other corporations. Our extra- curricular pay increased and we reached parity for the pay of the coaches of men and women sports. Career Exploratory leave, Adoption leave, Child care leave are all benefits that have come to teachers via HSEA.

I have made so many good friends working with HSEA. It has been a pleasure to represent such a great organization!

Retired Teacher Information......We're Talking To EVERYONE!

By continuing your ISTA membership by joining ISTA-Retired, you continue getting money-saving perks including two free 30 minute sessions with an attorney each year. Low rates on home owner's and automobile insurance are a few more, but the BEST will be your supplemental health insurance. Don't be left out and get caught paying higher prices for a variety of insurance. Join ISTA-Retired now and rest easy when your retirement starts. (www.ista-in.org or call 1-844-ASK ISTA)

Health and Insurance Updates.......

You better shop around......SHOP FOR YOUR HEALTH!

For those of you enrolled in our Anthem health insurance plan – please click on the link below to find out more information! You should have received information in the mail over the summer (it was not junk mail), in regards to SmartShopper! SmartShopper is a new program where you can earn CASH REWARDS (for certain procedures) when you help lower health care costs. CHECK IT OUT! It doesn't "hurt" you to sign-up....no purchase or use necessary, but it could reap some nice benefits!

HSEA Night with the PACERS!

Pacers rallied and beat the Boston Celtics by 2 points on Wednesday, November 4th! Was it a coincidence that HSEA members and their families were in attendance, no way! We brought the luck! Thank you to all those members who came out to the game and had a fun evening! You showed up, and so did the blue and gold! Who knows, Larry Bird may request us at more games........it was a blast!
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Click on the link above for information for our workshop TUESDAY NOVEMBER 10th!

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The NEA website, which you can go directly to by clicking on the question above, is a plethora of information from lesson plans, to financial security, to member's benefits, political action and more! If you've never checked it out, I would recommend taking a few minutes and becoming familiar with this site! It's a resource for ALL teachers! Happy browsing! :)

This is YOUR newsletter too!

In the coming newsletters, remember, anyone who is a HSEA member is welcome to make a submission, or send information that you would like to see in the newsletter!

We will also be continuing to do the "member spotlight," so, if you'd like to nominate a member, or want to write something yourself, please let us know!

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