MLearning in Classrooms

Apps are where it's at!

Bob Books #2 - Reading Magic HD

Bob Books #2 - Reading Magic HD is an app which can be used for challenged learners according to Common Sense Media. They gave this app a 5-star rating. According to them "The words, letters, and sentences are all read or sounded out for the child, with repetition and spelling tasks teaching step by step. The four levels gradually increase in difficulty, from dragging and dropping letters to match words, to selecting letters on your own to spell the given words. On each level, tapping words or letters results in their being read or sounded out loud."

It is available for apple products and costs. $3.99

Montessori Geometry

Montessori Geometry is rated in the Itunes store for ages 4 and up. This app can also be great for special needs learners, and is given a 5-star rating by Common Sense Media. This app was designed by Montessori teachers to guarantee children a "learn at their own pace" ability, while also increasing autonomy and self-confidence with self-correcting activities.

It is available for apple products and costs $2.99

Playtales (and Playtales Gold!) Kids' Books

Playtales is an app full of all kinds of learning. It is an app full of free interactive books that concentrate on helping children learn new vocabulary, spelling, numbers, pronunciation and more. There are games and colouring activities available on the app as well. You can also add your own characters and stories.

This app is available for apple products and android, as well as google play and blackberry. It is a free downloadable app, however, the gold version has a free trial and then a monthly ($4.99), semi ($9.99) and annual ($19.99) subscription for unlimited activities.

Math Maze: Time Tables HD

Math Maze: Time Tables HD is a great app for learning and improving multiplication skills in a fun learning game. The goal of the game is to navigate Spaceman Sam through the space maze while avoiding the ice aliens. The app has the ability to save best times and highest scores, so there is always the option to improve your times.

Math Maze is available for Ipad only and costs $1.99

Bugs and Buttons #2

Bugs and Buttons #2 is a collection of 18 games that enhance critical learning skills such as counting, sorting, memory, shapes and more, but in a fun and enticing way for children. This app can be a great learning guide for children that need help with fine motor skills. There are no in-app advertisements for children who are easily distracted.

This app is available for apple products, and is a free app.

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