Progressive Presidents

By Devon Roth

Theodore Roosevelt Biography

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City. He became governor of New York, and shortly after he became Vice President of the United States. He became President of the United States when President William McKinley was assassinated. At age 42, Roosevelt was the youngest president at the time. Many people agreed with and trusted Roosevelt, so he was elected to a second term in 1904. Roosevelt was known for breaking up trusts and for ecological conservationism.Teddy played a huge part in building the Panama Canal He was nicknamed Teddy and died on January 6, 1919.
The History of Theodore [Teddy] Roosevelt - A Short Story

Grading Scale

Overall- B

Leadership- B

Teddy was always honest with the people. He helped lead the country to take down trusts and corporations. Roosevelt showed many leadership qualities while president. He knew what needed to be done and he got it done.

Organization- B-

Teddy seemed to be somewhat organized in his work. He made sure everything was done correctly, such as paperwork when breaking up corporations.

Professionalism- C

Teddy might have been a good president, but he wasn't perfect. He liked to hunt and he took breaks as president to do so. Instead of running for second term, he took on hunting instead, and picked a worse president to succeed him.

Contributions- B+

Shut down corporations and broke up trust, just like the people wanted. Teddy also made many national parks for the people. Taking the corporations down was exactly what America needed, and Roosevelt got it done.

William Howard Taft Biography

Taft was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on September 15, 1857. From a young age, Taft's dream job was to be chief justice of the Supreme Court. Before Taft became chief justice, he became the 27th president. After his presidency he became the first person to be chief justice and president.
Disney The American Presidents: William Taft

Grading Scale

Overall- C+

Leadership- C

Taft seemed to lack many leadership skills that a president should have. He seemed much more laid back and relaxed. Taft was better towards the end of presidency, but he could have got a lot more done with better leadership skills.


When president, Taft seemed to be a fairly organized president. He didn't seems to be out of order, but nothing specifically showed he was super organized either.

Professionalism- C-

Taft was very laid back while president. He thought that since Roosevelt had fixed so many problems, he wouldn't have to do much as president. Taft even managed to get stuck in a bathtub while he was president.

Contributions- B-

After realizing he couldn't just relax as president, Taft did get some things done. Taft managed to continue some of the trust busting Roosevelt had done. He also helped with social and government reforms. Also, Taft helped pass the Dollar Diplomacy.

Woodrow Wilson Biography

Wilson was born in Stanton, Virginia, on December 28, 1856. Wilson rose in the political world fast, just spending 2 years as governor or New Jersey before becoming president. Wilson was president for 2 terms, and lead America through World War I. Wilson helped to negotiate the Versailles treaty and create the League of Nations. He died of a stroke on February 3, 1924, three years after leaving office.
President Woodrow Wilson Biography

Grading Scale

Overall- B+

Leadership- B+

Wilson helped lead America into The Great War. This could be looked at as good our bad, but Wilson did make a decision and stick with it, which shows good leadership

Organization- B-

Wilson kept industry and labor organized. There were very few strikes against industries during his presidency. Wilson also passed a new foreign policy to keep immigrants organized.


Wilson did not mess around while he was president. He got many things done while president, and never seemed to slack off on the job.

Contributions- B

Wilson lead America through WWI and brought America into a new era. In the new era, America could thrive. Wilson also helped reduce tariffs, and passed the Antitrust laws. He enforced a new foreign policy while president to deal with Mexico