The Vashyas

Haley Habbard

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My Daily Life

My job specialties of the vaishya is agriculture and teaching.We also do cattle raising , bestowing gifts, offer sacrifices, trades, lend money, and cultivate land. I own a small shop on the inside of the town where I sell my products. My family all live under one roof. The oldest sibling must take care of the younger siblings.

My Education

The Guilds provide technical education, though formal education remained the monopoly of the Bramins. We gain education in the art of production of grain and other useful materials and arrange for their distribution.The women of the home work as teachers and they are trained in dancing, music and the fine arts. Are caste has also traditionally placed a value on artisan ship and technical education.

How we are treated

The other people in my caste treat me good and respectfully. The Brahmans and Kshatriya won't me treat as well as people in my caste. But Shudras wouldn't be treated very well by many people in the higher castes than them.