Birdwell has gone

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Have you tried out the Chromebooks in your class yet?

What are you waiting for? Not sure what to do with the Chromebooks once they are in your classroom? Think you don't have time?

STEP ONE: Put me in Coach! Let me show you how I can save you time in the classroom.

  • I will come to your classroom during Independent Reading time and set up a Reading Station.
  • 5 Students at a time will learn to log in to the Chromebook and their own Google account in less than 5 minutes.
  • By the end of the Reading Instructional Time, all students will be using Google and reading an eBook from Birdwell's online library.

STEP TWO: Invite me back!

  • I will help students log in to their accounts and discuss what being a good "Digital Citizen" means.
  • We will create a Google Doc (perhaps writing a short summary about a current lesson in your class), and I will teach them to "share" it with you.

STEP THREE: Email me the date and time you are ready to Google! I'll even reserve and deliver the Chromebook Cart for you.

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