Syria is a country in the Middle East. It borders the Mediterrean sea. Syria is mainly plateau

Desert,and has mountains in the west.

The 411 on Syria

There is a Syrian refugee crisis.more than 50% of all syria's population has been

Displaysed from their homes because of civil war and fear of Isis. Most of the refugees are women and children.

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Syria has many exports which include crude oil minerals,prtrdeum products,fruits,

vegetables,Cotton,clothing,meat,live animals,and wheat. Their main export partner

Is Iraq.

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Syria main partner for importing is saudiarbla. The things they import are machine

And transport equipment,electric power machinery,food and livestock,metal,chemical,

Plastics,yarn and paper.

Syrian's government is considered a dictatorship,where the government is run under

the control of one powerful leader named Bashar al-Assad

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Bedouins are nomadic desert people. Different tribes are classified according to animal

species. In sirya the teribes are longer and they herd camels. There also tribes in Syria

that herd sheep and goats.

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