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This week: Digital Learning Day resources

Digital Learning Day is tomorrow, March 13th! Did it sneak up on you? Don't worry - there is still time (and ideas) to spare. Here are some tools that you can use for a minute or an afternoon with your students to celebrate this international learning event.
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Digital Learning Day

Need inspiration? Start at the source! Visit the #DLDay "Activities and Ideas" page, then add the hashtag when you live-tweet your event. The Alliance for Excellent Schools encourages participants to add scheduled events to their map.

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Students are never too young to learn about online safety and practice positive digital citizenship. This month's activity is a printable quiz on social media behavior - a no-tech way to celebrate #DLDay. Videos and interactive games available, too.

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Digital Tools | Classroom Resources: PBS LearningMedia

Do you want to impress your high school students? Demonstrate the academic application of Tumblr, Vine or another popular social platform highlighted in the fantastic video tutorial collection created by KQED and assembled by PBS LearningMedia.