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Acton Weekly Update 9/27/19

Things to Know

REMINDER- our central office staff and school board will be visiting our school and walking around the building observing in classes. Most likely this will be around 9:20-10:00. Please be mindful of the time and be ready to show our stakeholders the great things we are doing at Acton.

Review Items:

Parent Teacher Conferences: Top 5 Tips for a Successful P/T Conference:

1. Set a timer to help keep you on track. Continue the conference another time if needed.

2. Set the tone, by first sharing HOW MUCH YOU ENJOY THE CHILD.

3. Be yourself and let your authenticity and personality shine.

4. Be honest about what needs to be worked on.

5. Be aware of what you agree to and jot notes down so you can follow through with what you say you will.

Like last week, here is a list of suggested items that could guide your conversations with parents:

  • Celebrations--In what ways are you proud of your student?

  • GR Data--Have leveled books available to show parents where they are and a leveled book to show parents what the goal is. (Reading level benchmark chart-a helpful resource for parents/teachers)

  • Reading logs--How are these going at home?

  • CFA Data--Could share pre/post test

  • Airways/ILEARN Data

  • Behavior Concerns

  • Attendance Concerns

  • Goals

  • Share resources with parents (such as programs online like Edulastic, etc.) and ways they can partner with you and support their child at home in their learning.

Chromebook Updates: Over Fall Break I will need ALL Chromebook carts in the LGI room. The IT department is working on a system to make the Chromebook usage more equitable at every school. We've been very fortunate to have more access to Chromebooks than most schools due to our smaller numbers. Over break they will remove 5 Chromebooks from each cart so that we will now have 30 per cart. They will purchase additional carts for other schools and redistribute those Chromebooks. At Acton we will have one RA Cart. Grades 3-5 will each have 2 carts and K-2 will still have one cart to be shared by each grade level.

IT department will also be disassembling computer labs in the near future. Any classrooms that still have the three student desktop computers will most likely have those removed at some point.

The Acton Link

Click here for a list of helpful school specific links.

PBIS Central

Click here for anything and everything Acton PBIS.

19/20 SOS Form

Print this off and fill it out or make a copy and send to Brook.

Coaches Corner

Upcoming Dates:

Cycle 2 Post/Benchmark given by 10/4

Cycle 2 Post/Benchmark Data Entered by 10/21

Cycle 2 Post/Benchmark Data Discussion 10/23

Q2C1 Pre-test given on 10/21

Q2C1 Pre-test discussed on 10/23

Time Saving Tips and Reminders:

  • During your Tier 2 push-in/Tier 3 pull-out times, if you would like to gather resources yourself and give them to your IA or have IAs go over CFUs with your students, just let me know and I will leave that up to you. If you want to just turn in the sheets to me by Wednesday, that is fine also. Whatever is most convenient for you.
  • You may have IAs work one-on-one or with a small group.
  • Use the same book more than once to teach multiple standards/skills for your mini lessons.
  • Post-test and benchmark-The only questions graded for the grade book are the questions which address the cycle 2 standards. The answer key will show you which questions to grade. The cycle 1 questions are there so that you can see if your students are mastering these standards and to guide your instruction during extension time if you need to reteach one of these standards.

  • Great way to save time: Look to your grade level team to collaborate on GR lessons. If you have another teacher with the same GR level, work together to plan your GR lessons. Share/collaborate and then tweak the plan to fit your individual group's needs. Save all of your lessons for next year! You will have to tweak it for your specific group, but you will save yourself some time.
  • Another time saving tip that grade levels in other buildings have found really helpful: teachers can divide lesson plans. One teacher completes the math lessons for the week, another teacher takes the ELA mini-lessons/IRA lesson plans, and a third teacher plans for science, social studies, writing. You could tweak responsibilities to fit your needs. Just a thought. Other teams in other buildings are having great success with this. Thought it might help.
  • Extension thought: other buildings have shared that it has been helpful for all teachers in the grade level to teach the same CFA standard during extensions but break up students based on GR level. So, all teachers would teach main idea (for example), but one teacher would teach to the lowest readers, another teacher would teach to the middle level readers, and the last teacher would teach to the highest level readers. You would also have IAs to give students to based on their levels. All students would be getting extra support on the standard but with appropriately leveled texts. Again, just a thought.

19/20 Collaboration Schedule

Tuesday and Wednesday PD Schedules. This may change and will be updated throughout the year.

Counselor Corner

Conscious Discipline

This month's Franklin Flash is all about Conscious Discipline! It's cool, you should watch!


Remember any breath or brain smart start I feature on the news I put into our Conscious Discipline files. There is a video of Reynold's class doing a complete brain smart start in the "classroom examples" folder (in the brain smart start folder) if you want to see how she structured that time.

If you would be willing to have me video tape your class doing a brain smart start to have in the google drive, please let me know!

Take Care of Yourself Reminder!

I just read an article about what types of self-care you should be focusing on depending on what type of stress you are feeling. The picture is below, but the article explains what each type of self-care is. It is almost fall break, but I think it is an important reminder that we need to make certain forms of self-care a habit.


Big picture

Coming Up


K fieldtrip


Collaboration: AIRWAYS "How To Use The Data" video

10:00 Evacuation Drill

Skating Party- WOW


Collaboration: No Meeting

School Board Visit and classroom tours

Custodian Appreciation Day

Parent Teacher Conferences


Coaches and Principals meeting

Parent Teacher Conferences

Vision Screenings


End of Q2



1 Evac Drill

1 Skating Party --WOW

2 Custodian Appreciation Day

2 Board Visit

2-3 Parent Teacher Conferences

3 Vision Screenings

4 End of Quarter

7-18 Fall Break

14 Columbus Day

16 Boss’s Day

21 Students return

21 Fire Safety Presentation 5th grade

21-25 Red Ribbon Week

22 School Store fundraiser

23 Teacher grades posted

24 1st and 3rd grade field trips

24 Student Council

25 Fall Parties

25 Grades post for parents

28 Pro Act (Stevenson, Pryor)

28-11/26 COGAT

29 Acton Not so Scary Fright Lodge

30 Picture retakes

31 Halloween

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

Big picture