January 14 News

Chandler Preschool and PDO

2016-2017 Enrollment

Enrollment packets for 2016-2017 went home today! To insure a spot for next year, please return all enrollment items before February 1.

Feel free to pick up enrollment information for a friend. Extra packets are on the nursery counter. Enrollment documents are also on the Chandler Preschool/PDO website at www.chandlerbc.org/preschool/enrollment. Open enrollment begins February 1.

Please email Lorie if you have any questions at lorie@chandlerbc.org.

Art with Ms. Leah

This month we were lucky enough to have Ms. Leah teach two special art classes. These pieces of art will be featured in our April art show.

Here is what Ms. Leah has to say about their art time:

I'm using Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric Circles. With all classes, (except toddlers), I showed them the painting and asked what they noticed. This led to identifying shapes and colors for the younger kids and making connections for the older kiddos. We also discussed how Kandinsky listened to music while he painted. During each project, I played classical music to help us create and focus.

Here are the individual class art projects and the skills they used:

Toddlers: We worked on fine motor, color recognition, size vocabulary (small, medium, large). The toddlers glued three circles, organizing by size.

2/3: I wanted to use dimension in our art piece, the 2/3's painted small, medium, large paper plates and bowls in bold colors. We will glue them together to create a class art piece.

3/4: Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! For this project, I collected lids from parents and had the children sort them by color. Then each student picked a small, medium, and large lid. These will go together to create a class art piece.

4/5: The Pre-K class practiced their fine motor skills by cutting circle (small, med, large). They will glue the circles onto squares to create a class art piece.

Thank you Ms. Leah for this fabulous art experience!

Donation Opportunity

We would love donations of any of the following if you have extra on hand or would be willing to make a donation. We appreciate your help!

Goldfish crackers

Ritz crackers--toddler and twos favorite!

Glue Sticks

Paper towels

Plastic Spoons

Major 2016 Calendar Dates

January 14: Enrollment for 2016-2017 begins for current families

February 1: Open enrollment for 2016-2017 begin

February 11: Valentine's Day classroom parties: PDO 10 AM; Preschool 2:30

March 1 and 3: Open House and Dr. Seuss week

March 3: Dr. Seuss Presentation with special guest, Becky Everly

March 22 and 24: No School; Spring Break

April 28: End of Year Program: Breakfast, Music Program, and Art Show!

May 12: Last Day