It's Time for a Paralyzation Party!

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Who's Invited

Any naked icosahedral virons with single strands of RNA. Do NOT wear any lipid envelopes!

How to Get There

From Anus Junction, take the hand train straight to Oral Station. For "out-of-towners," you can take the Lips Express from Foreign Mouth Station to the Oral Station.

Party Plans

First, there will nerve cell climbing. The harnesses are already on the cell so don't worry about bringing your own. Then we'll play a game of RNA dart toss. Aim for the ribosomes! Whoever hits the ribosome will win the prize of having clones made of them to go start parties in other cells! Once this is over, we will all go to the bloodpark, six flagellum, and take the slides to start a big party in the nervous system!

Who's Birthday is it?

Our host's of course! We'll give him such a grand party that he'll be left paralyzed (if we do a good job)! He may have so much fun at the party that he will be sore, his legs will get flaccid, and even lose some reflexes! At the least we'll leave him with a sore throat, fever, headache, and nausea. Bring any of these gifts for him


Poliovirus is a virus that may cause paralysis, death, or other symptoms. It is recommended that everybody get an immunization vaccine for the virus. Otherwise, the virus has an increased risk of entering the body and causing harm.