Cultural Week

By Alyssa Krutsinger and Emily Siegel

Main Idea

A week of showing the different types of cultures.

  • Foods from cultures
  • Dress like culture
  • Small lesson about the certain culture.

Different Cultures of the Week



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Why is culture week is important?

  • Empathy
  • Intercultural Skills
  • Knowledge about the different cultures
  • Acceptance of diversity

What is Empathy?

  • Fuels connection
  • feeling with people
  • no judgements
  • being there for people

First Resource: Raising Global Children

Facts we noticed:

  • provided a solid grounding about culture
  • explains more about food, music, and art
  • explains how children adapt to their culture
Things we wondered about:

  • should teach our children to appreciate and interact with people with different cultures
  • Encourage the different types cultures

Second Resource: How to Say "This is crap" in Different Languages

Facts we noticed:
  • It can be difficult to mix cultures.
  • If more people understood each others cultures, people would be more accepting.
  • Different cultures do things different.

Things We Wondered About:

  • What would LHS be like if everyone was culturally accepting
  • Why do people hate on other cultures so much

Last Resource: 40 Maps That Explain the World

Facts That We Noticed-
  • In many countries there is still extreme hating against different cultures
  • The U.S. is not the most diverse and we think that is because people don't have an understanding of different cultures
Things That We Wondered About-
  • How could the message get to the entire country?
  • Why is there still hate against cultures?

How can LHS increase cultural connections so that student can thrive in a global society?