The Han Dynasty

By Josh Yaklovich

Introducing the Han Dynasty

The Han Dynasty is a chinese Dynasty that Han started. Lui Bang was the first Emperor to rule the Han dynasty. The Han Dynasty started around 200 BC and lasted for around 400 years.

The Rise of Han Dynasty

-Han defeated Xiang Yu his rival, leader of the Qin Dynasty in a war.

-Han took over the land and started the Han dynasty.

-They divided into western han and eastern han.

-The Han Dynasty had a strong goverment.


-Lui Bang became the first Emperor.

-Hans poets and writers made a writing style that is famous today.

-24 Emperors took place on the throne while the han dynasty lasted (400 years).

-Han Dynasty expanded a lot.


-They used civil examination to pick officials.

-The examination stressed knowledge about consciousness teachings.

-Han Dynasty Collapsed because of other powerful families, officials, relatives, advisers and generals having a rivalry.

-The Han dynasty collapsed at 220 AD lasting over 400 years.


-The Han dynasty is like Christianity because its all about peace and prosperity.

-Like flower girls (hippies) because hippies are all about peace and love.

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