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Round em' Up!

If you are reading this (first, thank you for reading this) you are on my "FABULOUS WOMEN" list. What does that mean? At some point in the last 2 1/2 years since I started my business with Stella & Dot, I put your name on this list. Perhaps it's because you ARE already one of my wonderful hostesses (thank you for hosting!), or perhaps you and I had a conversation about you possibly rounding up your girlfriends for an hour of style and some fun!

What a great time of year to round up the ladies for a little happy hour with baubles and bubbly!! I'm sure you've been so inundated with holiday chaos that now is the time to chill with your friends who you probably haven't seen in over a month!

With the new year comes a new collection to share and a whole lot of fashion! I'm eager to get this bold, beautiful and gorgeous collection out of it's boxes and on YOU and your friends! I'll call you later this week to see what your thoughts are on this - or better yet, feel free to email me your ideas! Don't forget, you can also co-host a party, make it a fundraiser, or do a client appreciation night for your own business or practice.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm of great style!

Free Jewelry coming your way!

The average hostess who hosts a Stella & Dot show receives $250 dollars in free jewelry and gets to shop at half off! Amazing, right? What's even better is MY average hostess typically receives over this earning between $250-$400 in free jewelry and also gets to shop 1/2 off!! Not bad for having 12-20 girlfriends over!

Alright, let's get this party started! :)

Please reach out if you'd like to put something on the calendar. I'm currently booking through March in both Ann Arbor and Chicago.

New 2014 Collection Video | Stella & Dot