Personal Motto

I'd rather look back at life and say "I can't believe I did that," Instead of saying, "I wish I did that..."

Dallas No Maverick

Seriously No Maverick

Something you will never change you mind about...

I will never change my mind about money, Money is power without money you can't do the things that you need/want to do in life its that simple.

Future Goals...

In the future I'd probably be a famous tattoo artist of some nature or maybe innovating companies emblems and logos. Furthermore I want to make cartoon movies or shows of some sort.
The Boondocks BB Gun Fights: Riley Vs Huey

My Glo Day Ya Feel Me

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 12am


The day a genius was delivered by a Queen.

Dream Big

My dream is to be the best person that I can be, to develop some type of skill to maintain a substantial life. To be able to reach a certain age and be obligated to sit and chill all day (retirement).
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I am a pretty laid but chilled type person...I love money, when in contact with my hands I get a boost of adrenaline... I don't like school, but education is key If you want to make it out the h44d you have to make something of yourself.
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