For Sale- The One Wheeled House

Asking Price- $10,000,000

This is the One Wheeled House

I have built a one Wheeled House. It's name is Fred. It lost its wheel driving here. Theres half a man. The baby is falling out of the house. You could say its kinda of messed up but it is one a a kind. The hook in there represents the baby. You may ask in these picture who's driving. The mom in this picture died saving the baby from falling out. Right now the car/house is in auto-pilot. The house is kinda broken cause of how windy it is driving. At some point this One Wheeled House had four wheels bit something kept popping them and one fell off. Mr. Halfman holds on to it cause its all they have and they are thinking that they won't get any money out of it in a trade. It runs well with only have one wheel. This is an one of a kind opportunity to have something cool like this. If I wasn't the one selling it I would by in!
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For sale- $12,000 asking that but can work with your budget.

The more you know! The more you want!

The half man my not come with it. Depends on how much you spend on it. Under $5,000.000 no half man. Under $1,000,000 no hook to play the baby. You may ask why the price is so high? Its because is has a built in T.V. The parent bedroom has a king bed, bathroom and a couch.

It runs and guns!

Pick It Up!

Saturday, Aug. 6th, 12pm

907 East Pleasant Valley Street

Sigourney, IA

Call me to start buying and then we will meet! Hope to see you soon! Have a great day!

One Wheeled House For Sale and You are the New Owner!!! Call 641-622-7654!