My High School memories

By: Jeffrey Stevens

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Water Polo

Our half smiles to not look to excited

My pruned hands in my pocket

Hair is wet and feels like straw

The team is happy about the victory

We know everything was left in the pool

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The wind blowing my hair

The mountains rising to the heavens

The feeling of being on top of the world

The sunshine never fades away

My family is in paradise

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Emotional Wellness

Smiles on our faces to look happy

Sun is out to bring happiness

We found happiness during our walk

The color green is of life

It was the start of spring, the start of new life

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The Blackhawks

The place is filled with red and black

The national anthem rings around the stadium

Im there with my favorite person

Its finally hockey season

The smell of it never gets old

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Hands on our dates and soft smiles

Everyone dressed so elegantly

The day has just started

Feeling on top of the world in my suit

It was a very good day

High School Memories

Throughout my high school career, I have progressed through my education, advance my athleticism in sports, and gained many friends. I am so thankful for the chances my parents and teachers gave me. They have brought me places i never thought could be possible. They have me pushed me farther then i thought i could be pushed.

The sports i participated in are Water polo, Swimming, and Flag Football. The varsity Water polo and Swimming team welcomed me my freshman year. It changed everything and made me realize what hard work is. It changed my work ethic in and out of the pool. Those early morning practices may not be my favorite memories but, they will always be with me.

During the duration of high school, my family has gone to many places for vacation, and many Blackhawk's games. When i will think back upon high school, these will definitely pop up. The two Stanley Cups and the parades were a highlight go high school. Everything i have mentioned will play into my high school experience and makes it as sweet as it is.