Jake's Soccer Camp!

Jake's Soccer Camp

Friday, July 8th, 9am-2:30pm

Whitehall, PA, United States

Whitehall, PA

As a school project, my class was given the opportunity to do Genius Hour. Genius Hour is anything that you are passionate about and that you could use to help others. Since I am over-the-moon passionate about soccer, I will be having a soccer camp that raises money for kids that do not have the luxuries of normal equipment and opportunities that we do. All of the money will go to a cause that is dedicated to making sure that these kids will get the opportunity to play. The Camp will be help at Shadt Avenue Soccer field. Come to enhance your skills, experience and explore the different varieties of the game, and most importantly, have FUN!


The minimum age for your child is 5 years old and the maximum age for you child is 12 years old. All skill levels are welcome. We will start the camp by stretching and conducting a 20 minute warm-up. Next, we will showcase 4 different skills for your child to learn ranging from beginner to advanced skills taking about another 20 minutes. After that, we will divide your child by age and skill and start drills to enhance their learning of the game for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Then, we will play soccer-golf with small PUG nets until 12:00, then stop for lunch. A LUNCH MUST BE PACKED. After everyone is done eating around 1:00, We will set up teams and scrimmage until 2:00, leading up to the raffle where will we put up 5 :soccer related items. 2 tickets for 1 dollar. At 2:30 the camp will end. Charity Website Below.