"It wasn't even close to equal"

What was Apartheid?

Apartheid means, any system or practice that separates people according to race, gender, etc.

How Long did it last? Where did it occur?

Apartheid occurred from 1948-1994 it ended when Nelson Mandela was elected President. Apartheid took place in South Africa

What was the goal of it?

The goal of the government during Apartheid was not only to separate South Africa's white minority from it's non-white majority. Also to separate non-whites from each other, and to divide South Africans along tribal lines to decrease political power. Moving non-white Africans to tribal lines caused many killings and several civil wars because, many were moved to rival tribe territory.

How did this impact Non-white africans?

Non-whites took the largest impact from Apartheid, they were forced to move from their homes. They didn't get as good as an education if they were lucky enough to get one, they lived in severe poverty, they were less likely to get good income jobs, and rarely ever got a large income.

How did the world react to Apartheid?

They boycotted any goods from South Africa, they also banned South Africa from international games such as the Olympics.

Other Significant Events?

1950~ The government banned mixed marriages and sexual intercourse between white and non-white people.
The Population act of 1950~ Separation and classification of the different races. This even went as far as separating families.

Key People

Nelson Mandela~ He was imprisoned for 28 years, he brought the attention to Apartheid to the world. He was also the leader of the ANC and later after being freed he became President from 1994-1999
F.W. de Klerk ~ He made the decision to free Nelson Mandela, thus helping end Apartheid