Guarding against Tyranny

How to guard against tyanny


Definition: Federalism is basically one government (AKA the central government) split into 2 different governments, one controls the local area and the other controls the country.

How it protects the US from tyranny: Federalism divides the government into two different sections, this is to stop the central government to having total power over everything. The two governments are the central government, and the national government. Both of the governments have there own abilities, like the central government has main control over the total of the country, whilst the national government has local power. Both governments have checks and balances stopping the other one from being too strong and/or too weak.

Seperation of powers

Definition: Separates the government into three branches so not one is too strong

How it protects the US from tyranny: In the past the government had 1 branch, or a king. That didn't work out so well (see ex: king George) so they decided to form another government but soon realized it needed a central power. They obviously didn't want another king so they divided the governments power into 3 different branches. The Legislative, Judicial, and the Executive. This is to stop the top branch from destroying the country :). They all have there own unique powers that cancel out the others power, stopping them from becoming a tyrant branch.

Checks and Balances

Big states VS. Small states

Big states VS. Small states

This is something major that was an issue with the states, was giving each of them an equal say and compromising to each demands of the states. The small states wanted equal representation whilst the large states wanted proportionate representation. They could not have both so they split the houses into 2, one the house of representatives and the other the senate. The house has power based on the population and the senate was all equal say with 2 members of senate per state. This made sure the big states didn't bully the small states and they could both say there own words without getting crushed. This big deal was known as "The Great Compromise"