She's the Man vs Twelfth Night

Brandon Trinh 5th period

Comedy Ladder

Low Comedy

Malvolio: "I extend my hand to him thus quenching my familiar smile with an austere regard of control. Sir Toby Belch: "And does not Toby take you a blow o' the lip then?"

Explain: The two quotes are example of low comedy because they are making fun of each other in a sexual way.

Comedy of Manners: Sir Andrew: "Why, I think i am not such an a** but I can keep my hand dry. But what your jest? and from " She the Man" is when viola got call out by her ex boyfriend from the beginning of the movie.The are both verbal wit.

Farce Comedy: Sir Andrew "Bless you, fair shrew. Maria " and you too..." and in "She the Men" Viola when she was in the locker room. This both example help understand the farce comedy of mistaken identity, coincidences.

Comedy of Ideas: Clown: "Let her hang me: he that is well hanged in this world needs to fear no colors." and in "She the Man" Viola was insulted by her mother when her mother talk about how tom boy she is. This both example help understand comedy of ideas by giving the insult of both play.

Compare and Contrast

Modern remake in "Twelfth Night and "She's the Man" both compare in "She's the Man" it base on soccer and how Viola disguise herself as Sebastian while in the "Twelfth Man" there is a ring that disguised Malvolio by giving the ring to Olivia that insists that Viola gave her but Viola did not.. This modern contrast is that in "She's the Man" is base on a modern base on soccer and disguise as her brother while in "Twelfth Night" it take it back all the way in the past about how a ring can disguise a person by one person making a lie to another, which mean the didn't have cellphone like "She's the Man" had.
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Twelfth Night

Viola: "I'll do my best To wooo your lady!

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them!”

The two example are use in both movie and story because the first quotes is use She the Men when viola was acting like Sebastian and the second quotes is when both story fall to part of a love scene.