September 12 , 2016

Room 30's Weekly Update

Dear Parents,

This weekly newsletter is meant to keep parents up to date on the happenings in Room 30 and to help facilitate discussions between parents and their children about what students are learning in school each week. You can ask your child to provide you with words that follow the phonics patterns shown below, or define the vocabulary words and use them in a sentence. The possibilities are endless!

Below you will also find upcoming events and the link to the 2nd Grade homework webpage.

Thank you so much for your support. Have a wonderful week!



Unit 1 Week 1

David's New Friend

This is the main selection story students will read in class on Wednesday. Please ask your child to retell the story to you. You can ask them to describe/form an opinion about the main character and provide evidence from the story to support their opinion.

For example:

Opinion: David (the main character) is brave.

Support: In the beginning of the story David is extremely afraid of lizards. His heart pounds in his chest just seeing Slim, the new class pet. In the end, David overcomes this fear when he rescues Slim who is loose in the classroom.


carefully, different, excited, groan, whisper

Reading Strategy and Skill

Strategy: Story Structure

Skill: Character and Setting-characters are the people or animals in a story. The setting is where and when the story happens.


Short a- battle, apple, athletic

Short i- inspect, little, winter


Statements and Questions

Writers' Workshop

This week we will begin studying what "master authors" do in their writing. Specifically, students will focus on how master authors put a lot of effort into the beginning of their writing to catch their reader's attention. We call great story beginnings "Brilliant Beginnings. "The four Brilliant Beginning strategies are:

*ACTION-Put the main character in the setting doing something interesting.

*DIALOGUE-Have the main character say something interesting that raises readers' curiosity.

*A THOUGHT OR QUESTION-Show what the main character is thinking.

*A SOUND-Use a story appropriate sound effect to grab readers' attention.


Sums and Differences to 100

For homework support with sums and differences to 100 please visit the links below.

Here is a video that will help with Lesson 2-Homework


Features of Geospheres and Biospheres-Landfoms and bodies of water.

Social Studies

The Land Around Us


Be sure to visit the 2nd Grade homework webpage each Monday to find details about this week's special project. You may want to bookmark the homework webpage. Click the link below:

Upcoming Events!

Volunteer Coffee-September 14th 8:45

Ice Cream Social-September 16th 5:00

Dad's Club Pancake Breakfast-September 23rd 7:00 AM

Minimum Day Dismissal at 12:02pm-September 28th

School Picture Day-October 4th