Paws to Read

Ava H.

Why I chose this Quote

i chose this quote because i love to read and i have awesome imagination.

About me

I am a very creative reader i love sci-fi, fiction, and nonfiction books. one of my favorite books is stargirl because i am a lot like her and i have a big imagination.

1)I like to take books to my bros games.

2) I am a enthusiastic reader.

3) I love to read anywhere.

4) I read when i am bored

5) I read a lot on Wednesdays.

6) I read a lot on horses

7) I love to read about cooking

8) I love to read w/ friends

9) I used to have a reading group at home

10) my friends used to always read w/ me

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My Interests and Favorites

I love music

I love to just sit down and listen to music one of my fave songs is best day of my life.

I love to Ride My Horse

My horse Nash is the best I love to go and ride him and jump.
Best Day of My Life - American Authors (Lyrics)