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Week of 5.16.16

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Legoland Field Trip!

Money and forms for the Legoland trip are due THIS Friday, May 20th!

Kindergarten will be going to Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine, TX on Thursday, May 26th. Parents are welcome to attend as chaperones, the cost for parents is $10. If you would like to chaperone this trip please send $10 along with the bottom of the form sent home.

The students are asked to bring a sack lunch for this field trip. (Please label with your child's initials in a plastic grocery sack.)

WHAT: Fieldtrip

WHERE: Legoland Discovery Center (Grapevine, TX)

WHEN: Thursday, May 26, 2016 (8:45 AM – 2:00 PM)

WHY: To learn about problem solving, building, and 3-D Shapes

COST: $11 for students and $10 for parents

WHAT TO BRING: Sack lunch and a smile! J

Upcoming Dates

May 20th: Legoland Money and Form DUE!

May 26th: Lego Land Field Trip

May 30th: No School - Memorial day

June 3rd: Last Day - Early Release at 1:00 PM

ABC Coundown

May 16th: N: Noodle Day, Go Noodle is the BEST! We will be taking extra breaks throughout the day to dance, dance, dance.

May 17th: M: Mask Day, Bring in your favorite mask! Get ready for a day of adventure through reading and writing!

May 18th: L: LoL-Laugh Out Loud: Get ready for a day of fun! Bring in your silliest photo of yourself or your family!

May 19th: K: Kindness Day, Create a poster or card for a teacher/staff at Ethridge. Spread the love!

May 20th: J: Joke Day, Bring your funniest jokes! Get ready to laugh and giggle all day long! Great was to end the week!

May 23rd: I: Ice Cream Day – You definitely don’t want to miss this Monday! We will be creating our own ice cream sundaes!

May 24th: H: Hawaiian Day – Dress up in your Hawaiian attire! We will be learning in style!

May 25th: G: Game Day – Bring in your favorite (school appropriate) game!

May 26th: F: Friendship Day – We will show our love for one another during our field trip!

May 27th: E: Estimation Day – Bring in a jar of candy and we will estimate how much is in the jar. The winner of each jar will be crown “Prince/Princess of Estimation”.

Volunteers (Including Field Trips & Parties)

With the new year the district has made some modifications to the volunteer process. With the new modifications anyone wishing to volunteer after February 1st 2016 must apply online and have their background check cleared prior to volunteering. This can take approximately 5-7 business days.

The kindergarten team would love if you would apply now so that when you would like to come volunteer at our class parties or any school event you are ready to go! If you do not have access to a computer you may come to the front office and they will help you complete the application. If you have any further questions you may ask the front office.

This week in Kindergarten...


  • Teacher Choice Review
  • Important Facts Review
  • Important Details
  • Review all Foci
  • Count Phonemes
  • Blend, Segment, and Manipulative Phonemes in Words With at Least 5 Phonemes
  • Word Families-CCVC and CVCC Words
  • Count Syllables in Words with at Least 4 Syllables
  • Counts Words in Sentence with at least 8 Words (Oral)
  • Dictionary Review
  • All Oral and Written Convention TEKS as Students Work Through the Research Process
  • Step Up to First Grade
  • Plants in Summer
Social Studies:
  • Economics

Classroom Information

Water Bottle: Students are encouraged to bring a SPILL PROOF water bottle with them to school each day.

Extra Clothes: Please make sure your child has an extra change of clothes in their backpack each day in case of accidents.

Birthdays: We celebrate birthdays at 2:15 PM. If you would like to send cupcakes or cookies for your child's birthday, please have them in the office before this time. Please understand, district policy limits this celebration to store bought cookies or cupcakes. No party favors or juice allowed.

Snack Time: Donate to our community snack supply today! Suggestions are: Goldfish, Animal Crackers, Pretzels, Cheez-Its, Saltines, etc.

Ms. O'Quin