Eagle University

Session 4

Eagle University was a complete success this year. Students showed grit and zest in their clubs and courses. We received a lot of positive feedback on all the courses offered and have some new and exciting ideas for next year. Eagle U has proved once again what a great summer program it is and we look forward to making some changes so that it continues to grow and expand and be even better next year.

Pre K

Thinking about relaxing with a picnic lunch on the beach, the PreK scholars had a job to do in Eagle U. They had to construct a waterproof container big enough to hold a sandwich and durable enough to keep that sandwich fresh for lunch. The scholars were given a box full of materials including paper plates, wax paper, tin foil, some plastic lids, pipe cleaners, and tape to create their containers. They worked in teams to create the waterproof lunch container. However, before the building began, the teams observed the materials and discussed which ones would be the best to use. The conversations and discoveries of their little minds were incredible. Each team created a container and tested it in a tub of water. One team was successful from the first construction using two plastic lids, wax paper and tape. The other teams examined what could be changed within their containers and got back at it. By the end of the session, each team built a durable waterproof container! They were ready to take their lunches to the beach. It was a great last session for the Eagle U Pre-Kers. Throughout the summer, a spark was lit within their thinking brains as they learned how to solve problems by trial and error, work together as a team and listen to each other for ideas. They also gained a great deal of reasoning skills that allowed them to become brilliant engineers!


Kindergarten has been exploring how birds build their nests. They went outside and collected materials such as leaves, grass, sticks, etc. to help build their nests. Students were provided with dried moss and feathers that they could also use. We spent time putting paper mache on balloons for the base of our nests and then used our materials we collected and were given to construct our nests. Students showed creativity and zest throughout this expedition.

1st Grade

1st grade has been busy these last two weeks learning all about farms! Students have really enjoyed building a model fence for Old McDonald. We began this expedition by brainstorming the various types of fences and their uses, students then sketched a “blueprint” of what they hoped our classroom fence would look like, and built a smaller version of it on their own. We then worked as a class to vote on the best model that met all of the criteria and got busy creating it on a larger scale. 1st graders successfully built a rectangle fence out of popsicle sticks, clothespins, and clay. After we were done building we measured our fence using paper clips. Our fence measured 1 ½ paper clips tall and 20 paper clips long! Old McDonald’s animals are safe because of the teamwork and planning of our 1st graders.

2nd Grade

The final session of Eagle U has come to an end. 2nd grade had the opportunity to investigate, design, collect, and construct their very own birds nests. They all worked so hard to weave different grass, weeds, and flowers to create their nests. We were also able to review clocks and time, and in just 2 short weeks they made great improvement. 2nd grade continued reading centers and worked really hard at them.

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats has been cooking up a storm. They have been working hard baking cookies, cakes, and breads. They dipped pretzels and marshmallows in chocolate and also created popcorn balls. Of course, they sampled along the way, but a delicious bake sale will occur during our Eagle U celebration on Friday, August, 14th. Stop by the cafeteria and taste all their hard work.

Debating 101

Should schools require uniforms? Are video games to blame for increased violence? Textbooks or tablets? Year round school or traditional summer vacations? Students in debating have spent the last two weeks researching these topics, choosing the affirmative or negative and writing arguments. No matter what side of the topic the students chose to argue for, they had to anticipate what their opponent would claim and have a counterclaim ready. The student's speaking, listening, and presentation skills were in full swing while they had fun "arguing" with each other. Share your opinion on one of these topics with one of our students and watch how well they will debate their opinion.


The basketball class this session has been focused on improving ball handling skills, passing, and shooting techniques. Dribbling was the priority the first couple days and the students improved greatly. Next, the students worked on passing and shooting by participating in layup and passing drills, and shooting games such as “Around the World” and “Knockout”. These games created a fun yet competitive environment. Once the basics were established and understood, we started games of 2 on 2. This allowed the students to get the feel for how an actual game would play out. It was also an opportunity to teach defensive skills. Throughout the week the students enjoyed themselves while developing a love and understanding for the game of basketball.


Eat. Sleep. Play volleyball…The Eagle U volleyball team had a great time learning the ins and outs of the game, while working together as a team and learning the importance of team spirit and sportsmanship. They became skilled passers as we worked on passing each day through fun drills and games. It was exciting to see the students giving each other tips on how to pass correctly by the end of the session. Also, they learned the basics of setting, spiking, and serving. Along with practice each day, the students were able to see the game in action as they watched many Penn State Women’s volleyball games and the USA Men’s team. They were amazed and some inspired to try out for volleyball in high school.

RCS CSI Students Solved the Case!

Felix Navidad was found dead in his home on Monday, August 10th. RCS CSI students were quick to be on the case. They surveyed the crime and broke it down into sections. Each piece of evidence was photographed and documented. Later in the lab, students created an evidence and suspect board. Pieces of evidence were tested for fingerprint analysis, ph balance, scents, and more. Based on the evidence, students came to a conclusion and solved the case. Kendra Goode won't be out of jail anytime soon. Students then set off and documented their case through narratives. Students shared their narratives with the class. What a great group of detectives!

Pictures With A Purpose

How can I tell an interesting story that helps people understand my community? What is a place in your community you have always wanted to know more about? Students in Pictures With A Purpose created lists of things they knew about their community as well as what they wanted to learn. They developed interview questions, interviewed members of our community and wrote essays based on the answers they received. When they began the revision process they realized they needed more details and re-interviewed community members. After learning the qualities of a good photo and basic rules, the students took pictures to pair with their essay. Using the WeVideo website, students created photo essays on the Ripley Library and the Ripley School.