Earth Day!

April 22, Created by Liliana S.

Save the earth

Save the earths beauty for everyone. Don't trash the earth clean the earth! Also save the water and natural resources don't dump oil in the ocean. We want to save the beauty for your children's children! They probably want to see the earths beauty so why not save it. We all should be thankful for what Gaylord Nelson did. He created earth day for us so we can save earths beauty.

Do things like.....

  • Recycle the trash not throw it on the ground
  • Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth
  • don't waste natural gases.
  • Don't dump oil period!
  • Use a bike more often
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Walk instead of driving.
  • don't waste paper because it is made out of trees
  • Trees give us air so try not to cut then down
  • plant trees
  • garden plants so they are fresh

why we should save trees!

We should save trees because they give use air. Sure they give us paper but 144,000,00 trees are cut down a month! so do you think we need that much paper. If you do cut down a tree then plant a new one please.