What is this book about you ask?

This is one of the New York Times bestseller. You are going to love this book if you liked the hunger games. Society choices who you LOVE,where you WORK and when you DIE. Cassia is a young girl who think society is perfect. Until her match Xander face does not appear on her screen but Ky face. Cassia and Xander have been best friend like forever and Ky is just guy she seen around. How can the perfect society mess something up this big? One day Ky and Cassia meet by joining a hiking group they where always the first one's on top of the hill. So Cassia saw him drawing on the ground beautiful words that he would later make them disappear. Soon she realizes that does words where the same word that her grandfather give her. She told him that the poem has been burn so she will never know the ending. Now Ky and Cassia share a big secret from the society officers. Then Cassia realizes she has feelings for both Xander and Ky! Who will she chose to stay with if they have taken away Ky? Will she go fight for him or stay?

Know more about the author!

Ally Condie lives in the outside of Salt Lake City, Utah with her three children and husband. Something I think is cool is that then book crossed was inspirited on where she live. She has written seven book, two of them are the squeal to matched.
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