5th Grade News

September 13, 2013

Language Arts/Reading/Global Awareness

Students started reading The Sign of the Beaver, by Elizabeth George Speare, for our 1st Trimester Literature Unit. As part of this unit students will build their vocabulary, make curriculum connections, think critically and learn cooperatively. They are already enjoying keeping track of new words using their Fictionary Logs!

In writing students have been focusing on writing keyword outlines and write complex sentences. In Grammar, students are reviewing parts of speech i.e. nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs. They have been introduced to direct objects and indirect objects and are diagraming complex sentences.

We are also beginning our "Understanding of World Globalism" activities with emphasis on our continent of Africa. Our intent is to provide our students with a better understanding of various African cultures and the conflicts that have currently arisen in countries like Egypt, Sudan, and Libya. Our goal is to entice our students to look beyond their local boundaries to see what is going on in the rest of the world, and to address how those actions impact us here in the United States.

Math - Mr. Dickey

We have had a great week in our Language Arts and Math classes. We have introduced the Andrew Pudewa "Excellence in Writing" program to the students and we are "off-and-running" with our first Key Word Outlines and summary writes. We will be writing another summary before the end of the week and then we will move on to an introduction to writing stories with the Story Sequence Chart. This should be a fun activity where the students will have the opportunity to write their own story.

In math, we have initiated our weekly math program with emphasis on integers, conceptual understanding of number sense, all four math operations (add, subtract, multiply, and divide), and we have reviewed prime factorization and rounding. We continually work to better understand our times tables. We will also be starting our group lessons on decimals and from there, percents. This block should be a lot of fun.

Don't forget that our great specialty class teachers have been hard at work too. Mrs. Narkisha Woodard have been working with our students in Physical Education. She must be doing a great job since our students return to class "hot and tired." Mrs. Aimee Nitolo have be doing a great job with our Spanish lessons. Our students have been on task and working hard to learn new phrases and verb interactions. Kim Jason has accomplished two art sessions and the students are having a great time. They have produced some great work already.

Have a great weekend and upcoming week.

Wayne Dickey

Science - Mrs. Lillich

In Science students have been learning mixtures and solutions vocabulary. We have done several experiments in class practicing parts of the scientific method and using the Jobs from our cooperative learning groups. Students have investigated solutes, solvents, and solutions with an M&M experiment. We have also focused on the States of Matter. Next, we will discuss and learn Changes in Properties of Matter and continue our work with Solutions. Students took their first quiz on QUIA and are becoming masters at learning scientific vocabulary. Thank you for the donations for science, it has gotten us off to a great start. Thank you to the parents that have helped with our experiments!

Social Studies - Mrs. Crenshaw

Students successfully completed Lesson 1 - The Geography of the United States and are well into Lesson 2 - American Indians and Their Lands where students learn why the first Americans migrated to North American and how they adapted to the environments there. In our Visual Discovery activity, students used maps and photographs to trace migration routes of the first Americans and summarized how they adapted to different environments. Students had fun doing an act-it-out activity on adaptations made by the Inuits in the Arctic. In Reading Further, students studied the way the Sioux recorded their history and how geography affected events in their lives. Our Lesson 2 assessment will be on Thursday, September 19th!