Oskar Schindler

A life saver for many Jews

Who is Oskar Schindler?

Oskar Schindler was a German Nazi. He can also be known as a ladies man because he was completely unfaithful to his wife and all of the women loved him and his charm. He took all of the money from the wealthy Jews during the time of the holocaust and started a pot-making factory. He then had Jews starting to work for him. He was just as hard on them as the other nazis were. After time, Schindler's heart softened and he had a complete change on his views of the holocaust.

Why is Oskar Schindler so significant?

Oskar Schindler had a complete change of heart during the holocaust. Schindler went from being a brutal German nazi to saving over 1100 Jewish people. Schindler changed his heart after seeing so many Jews killed and hurt for no apparent reason. After seeing so much brutality and even horrifying liquidations during the holocaust, Schindler decided to change towards the Jewish. He made a list called Schindler's List which listed over 1100 Jewish prisoners of the concentration camps which saved all of them. Schindler went from being a brutal German nazi to being a life saver to over 1100 Jews.