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January 26, 2018

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Shout out to CHAS and the 6th grade servers for a wonderful pasta dinner!!

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Stay Connected

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Let's get a group from MTSD to attend!

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Teachers Tips

Teacher Talk

February 4, 2018 6:30pm

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Stay Tuned for our SuperBowl Fun!

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Recipes to plan for the PARTY!

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#ditchHW - 10pm-11pm Thursday Nights

#EdTherapy - The most Positive Education on Twitter Chat 9-10 PM Thursday Nights (BiWeekly) - Chat focuses on an array of Topics and educators connect to discuss solutions

#BFC530 - The breakfast club - 5:30 am daily - chat has one question for teachers and leaders to start the day positively

#ResilienceChat - Monday Nights 10-11 PM - Chat that focuses on resilience in schools and beyond

#TLAP - 9-10 PM Monday Nights (Innovative Teaching)

#satchat - 7:30 - 8:30 AM Saturday Mornings

#NJED - 8:30 - 9:30 PM Tuesday Nights (New Jersey Educators Chat)

Mansfield Mindfulness
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20 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself In 20 Minutes

  1. Soak hands in warm dish soap water, rinse then moisturize.

  2. Make a great salad with all the healthy trimmings.

  3. Do a 20-minute clean sweep: Put away items that were left out-of-place and clear the surfaces.

  4. Take a 20-minute walk at a comfortable speed.

  5. Get ready for your day: create a list of tasks in order by priority and be sure to add to do something for yourself.

  6. Take multi-vitamins and drink a healthy shake with kale or dark greens in it.

  7. Write in a gratitude journal.

  8. Write down your goals and post them.

  9. Straighten up and remove paper from your desk.

  10. Eat cucumbers or food that is refreshing.

  11. Drink 2 large glasses of water.

  12. Take a 20-minute power nap.

  13. Bend down and touch your toes. Then do 5 jumping jacks.

  14. Listen to your favorite music and get up and dance.

  15. Pick up the phone and call a dear friend or loved one.

  16. Look through a photo album and admire what you have done with your life.

  17. Take a hot bath rinse and moisturize after.

  18. Write up affirmations (supporting thoughts) and post them. Click here for some examples.

  19. Create an emergency plan and an emergency kit. Click here for step-by-step emergency kit setup.

  20. Do yoga poses and deep breathing exercises.

These tasks may sound simple. And, of course, they are. But we need a reminder now and again. So, feel free to print this list and post it in your home to help you remember to take care of yourself.


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Jan. 30-MTSD Book Club in JHES LIBRARY 7:30am-8:15am or 3:45pm-4:30pm

Jan. 30-Tentative Diversity Meeting 5pm-6pm

Feb. 1-MTSD Newspaper Editor's Lunch in Supt. Conf. Room at 12:30pm

Feb. 12 - 10am or 5pm Parent Climate Committee Meeting in Supt. Conf. Room

Feb. 12 - 7:30pm MTSD BOE Meeting in MTES Library **Note new time**

Feb. 23 - 2:30pm Student Climate Committee Meeting in MTES Library

Feb. 27 - 7:30am or 3:45pm Staff Climate Committee Meeting in Supt. Conf. Room

Exciting things coming...

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Planning Meeting-February 27th at 6:30 in MTES Library

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In honor of January being Blood Donor Awareness Month:

April 25th 2pm-7pm: More information to come!

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