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September 28, 2017

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Principal's Corner

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”
Audre Lorde, Our Dead Behind Us: Poems


As I shared previously, every month we will be identifying a new skill or value to emphasize with our students. This month, I found it especially ironic that our identified concept is Understanding Differences. Throughout our spiraling Second Step Curriculum, our students will have lessons on understanding and respecting differences. Starting in Kindergarten and 1st grade, they begin to identify same versus different. In 2nd grade, they learn about respecting different preferences. In 3rd grade, they learn about accepting differences and understanding perspectives. In 4th grade, students learn about accepting similarities and differences and understanding different perspectives. Lastly, in 5th grade, they'll learn to take different perspectives, accept differences, and disagree respectfully. If you watch the news nightly, or a football game on Sundays for that matter, you'll probably wish that the 2nd Step Curriculum was implemented in all schools years ago.

We are closing out So Kind September by having our students self-assess how well they did on completing their respect goal. Some classrooms had students set individual goals, while other classrooms worked on classroom goals. We're not only emphasizing the particular skill/value, but also the importance of setting goals and reflecting on our actions.

We want to continue to thank you for your support of the PTO, as well as the efforts of all of our volunteers who put forth their time and energies to facilitate great committees and activities. Thank you to our executive board for their oversight. The PTO has continued to fund the purchases of items such as furniture, storage bins, and continued technologies to develop our new lab, which we anticipate "opening" this month.

We hope to see you many of you at the Track-a-Thon, but all of you later in the month for our parent-teacher conferences. As always, we value your partnership in the education of our children.


Mr. Brett Balduf, Principal

Carpenter Elementary School

Inspire every child to discover, learn, achieve, and care.

So Kind September

In case you missed the video introduction for the students from the beginning of September, check it out below.



9:10-9:40 3rd Grade

9:55-10:25 2nd Grade and K- AM

10:40-11:25 4th Grade

1:00-1:30 1st Grade and K-PM

1:45-2:45 5th Grade

Closed Lunch Campus

I shared this with our Kindergarten parents, but also felt it was important to emphasize to everyone. I know that our school grounds are well-utilized after school and on the weekends. I love to hear that children and families are outside enjoying time together. However, I feel that this sometimes may be confusing when school is in session. We ask that all parents and families respect that the grounds are "closed" during the school day. We ask that people not use the path behind the school, utilize the playground, or look to engage with the children that may be out at recess or P.E. I ask our staff to be highly vigilant, and it becomes challenging as adults are on our grounds at times during the school day. From a parent perspective (UNDERSTANDING OCTOBER), I understand that in your mind you are a part of the community, no threat, and feel as if you are not disrupting anything. However, it becomes challenging and awkward for our staff to address anyone and everyone who may be on the grounds, but that is what we have to do to assure the safety of our students. You can help us with the mission and goal by respectfully adhering to this request. (Track-a-Thon/Field Days will obviously be the exception).

Monday, October 23 - Picture Retake Day

School picture retakes are scheduled for Monday, October 23, 2017, beginning at 9:00 a.m. The photographer will be here for approximately one hour.

If your child was absent, new to our school, or did not previously order pictures but you want to now, you can have this opportunity during retakes.

P.M. Kindergarten parents can bring your children in at 8:30 a.m. for their picture.

To have a retake, parents must write a note explaining the reason and have their child bring it with them to the “retake session.” If the pictures taken in August were unacceptable, the pictures must be returned with the note. Instructions for retakes, as well as ordering additional prints, were enclosed in the original picture package. Extra order forms are available in the school office.

Science Olympiad 2018!

Parents and students! If your family includes a third, fourth or fifth grader, now is the time to make plans to participate in this year’s Science Olympiad. Information, along with the ONLINE registration form, are available on the District 64 Science Olympiad Webpage. The last day to register for this great event is Friday, November 10.

Halloween 5K Run

District 64 ELF is hosting a Halloween-themed 5k run and walk on Saturday, October 28. Starting and ending in Hodges Park, the loop will allow for a shorter, 3k distance in the event 5k is too far. Open to kids of all ages and adults of all abilities, this is an inter-school competition to see who has the most participation. Let's help Carpenter School win and show our support in this fun family-friendly event! Click here to register: and open the flyer attached to this newsletter to read more.


If you have a question about transportation, please email