My True Colors

Evan Puls, 1st Hour

Gold Personality

With a rating of 20 on gold with the next closest being green at 14, I am obviously a gold personality.

Childhood: I have no problems with authority and adapt to school easily. Rules don't bother me.

Relationships: I am serious and traditional, with a conservative view on both love and marriage. I want someone who will work with me, making a secure relationship. I show admiration through the practical things I do for a loved one.

Work: I provide stability and organization. My capability to handle details well and working hard would mean I'd be important. Work comes before play, no matter how long it takes.

Leadership Style: I expect punctuality, loyalty, and order. There is a right way to do things, and that's how they should be done. Tradition is important. Rules are required. I need a detailed approach, and I view change as threatening. Any change that is required needs a long time for everyone to get used to. People should be performing the roles assigned to them.

Symptoms of a Bad Day: Complaining and self-pity. Anxiety and worry. Depression, and fatigue. Psychosomatic problems. I can get a malicious judgement about myself and everyone else. I'd try to follow everyone else as if I was in a herd. Authoritarianism and phobic reactions.


3 characteristics most like me:

  1. I have no problems with authority as a child.
  2. I believe relationships are supposed to be serious.
  3. I believe work does come before play.
3 characteristics not like me:

  1. I don't complain much.
  2. I don't have an authoritarian reaction if I have a bad day.
  3. I don't believe I have a herd mentality if I have a bad day.
Job that fits my personality: I've wanted to be an engineer for a while so I believe that fits my personality. And I quite think it does. Considering how I work hard and like organization, I would have no trouble getting everything done and keeping it organized. The 2 bad effects might be that I overwork myself, and I depend on someone too much since I'd expect them to have their work done.