Ghost of Fossile Glen


Fossil Glen

Fossil Glen is a small valley of limestone, that contains historical pieces like fossils. Fossil Glen was created by a small creek that ran throughout the land, the creek still runs arond the stones to this day. Although the Glen might be dangerous to climb and explore, there are still people around the world who come to vist the Glen.

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Summary chp 1-21

Allie, an imaginitave,creative,young student in 6th grade, loved to explore the Glen. One day Allie decided to explore the glen, but she got stuck on the top of a cliff. Allie heard a voice telling her what to do and where to go. When Allie got home she checked her mail to find a red leather bound book. Weeks after Allie's class took a trip to the cementary for 'Earth Day' and Allie and Dub, her bestfreind, saw Lucy Stiles' grave. Allie and Dub decided to do some research on her and found out her body was no where to be found. The next day Allie mom was talking about Mr. looking for a book that looked exactly like Allie's. Allie thiugt nothing of it, bu then the book appeard. It was Lucy Stiles' diary. The diary read that Lucy's mom, Mrs. Stiles, was going to marry a guy named Raymond Gagney, Lucy called him Gag-me. Gag-me wanted to sell the glen and put houses up, but Mrs.Stiles did not. Gag-me tried to forge her sisnature, but Lucy found out and told her mom. Mrs. Stiles called of the wedding and killed Lucy.

Man vs. Man

Lucy vs. Gag-me


In the end of the novel The Gohst of Fossill Glen the conflict was that the gohst of a girl was hunting Allie so she could help he rget rid of Gag-me (Raymond Gagney) her step dad that had killed her and got away with it.

Allie did not shange throughout the story, because after the incident she and Dub just went on with their frenship and Karen is trying to best friends with her but Allie rejected her the way she rejected her.