Johnson's Journal

Mrs. Johnson's 2nd Grade Class, McCall Elementary, Aledo ISD

What are we Doing?

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Criminal Background Checks

You must have one completed online before you can volunteer! Go to to fill yours out today!

How to Stay Connected

I will be sending this newsletter every Monday via email and facebook. You may join my classroom Facebook page by searching Mrs. Johnson's 2nd Grade Class. Also join our Remind 101 text to get reminders by texting the message @ek328 to the number 81010.

Important Information: See Saw App

SeeSaw is a fun app we are using to upload some of our work, drawings, recordings, and written work. A note will come home this week for parents to access their own child's file! Enjoy! We will add to it all year!

Weekly Homework Schedule

Students are encouraged to read every night for at least 15-20 minutes, practice some basic math facts, and study their spelling words for the week.
Facebook Classroom Page

Join our facebook page for updates!

Reflex Math

click here for quick access for your child to practice basic math facts

Spelling City

Click here for quick access for your child to put their spelling words into fun games!