Sweeny Third Grade

Quarterly Newsletter - 4th Quarter

Upcoming Important Dates

May 17 Lunch on the Lawn: This is a time for our families to come to school, have lunch with their kiddo and celebrate the school year. Please feel free to bring chairs and towels to sit on in the grass. We will have ice cream treats available for purchase for .50 (students are already paid for).

Lunch times are: K-10:45, 1-10:55, 2-11:05, 3-11:15, 4-11:25, 5-11:45

School dismisses at 1:00 pm

Mrs. Stevens' Celebrations

  • This year, during buddy reading, Mrs. Gilliland and I guided our students through the scientific method. Each buddy created their own Science Fair experiment by thinking about a problem and then designing an experiment to test their hypothesis. Our Science Fair was on May 5th. Great job guys!
  • We finished our kites this week! During this activity, we learned about measurement and geometry.
  • We won 2nd place for our attendance this month!
  • We went to the Missouri Natural Institute of Science and searched for fossils!

Mrs. Papen's Celebrations

  • 83% of my students are reading at the advanced level.
  • We had the highest attendance in the building for April.
  • Our year to date attendance is 96.28% so we were above the building goal of 96%. That is amazing!!!!
  • We successfully completed all sessions of the MAP test and 100% attendance on all 4 days.
  • Students have worked on cursive handwriting and are pretty confident when they form letters and can connect to make words and write sentences!

Miss Hufford's Celebrations

  • The Heroes worked SO hard to get ready for their very first MAP test and put in a great effort on each of their test days.
  • 84% of students scored Met or Advanced on Reading Standard RI.3.8, which is about identifying and using a variety of text structures.
  • More than 89% of Heroes scored Met or Advanced on 4 of our 5 Fraction Standards. The remaining standard (identifying fractions on a number line), 78% of Heroes scored Met or Advanced so we are very close to our goal!

Mrs. Thorne's Celebrations

  • We worked extremely hard to prepare for the MAP test and do our BEST on each question.
  • We have 82% that is met or advanced on recognizing fractions on a number line.
  • We worked on researching and presenting (or teaching) a Science topic to the rest of the class.
  • We enjoyed hunting for fossils on our trip to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.

Extra Summer Practice

Here are some things that parents can do over the summer. WE have to include a section about this:

  • Practice multiplication facts-5 minutes a day, this will help as they learn long division

  • Playing Prodigy-students already have established accounts, I am sending home their login information as well. This is a fun way for them to solidify their math skills and be challenged in math.

  • Talk everyday: take turns telling a story about what happened that day.