Summer Internships for the city youth!

1. Exciting! What is it all about ?

Looking forward to spending your summer abroad that not only gives you a life changing experience but also an exposure to different work culture ? AIESEC brings you the best of the internship opportunities in diverse fields and locations to nurture your ladership skills and optimise your potential.

2. Why should I go for an internship abroad ?

  • Makes your resume stand apart.
  • Exposure to different work atmosphere.
  • Cross Cultural Interaction.
  • Hands on Experience and an efficient learning curve.
  • Internship opportunities in MARKETING, IT AND EDUCATION sector for GRADUATES
  • Social Sector- NGOs, TEACHING , OLDAGE HOMES etc.
  • Countries currently available: Indonesia, Columbia, Brazil, China, Mexico and a lot more.


  1. Tarang (9804897093)
  2. Shrinjaya (9007258258)
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