Elgin ISD Special Education Dept

November- December 2014 update

Are You Ready for State Assessments??

What a whirlwind of changes we have in the state assessment world! This spring TEA will offer several new options for students in the area of state assessments. Please read carefully the information in the sections below so you can have a better understanding of what we can do to ensure a smooth testing season this spring. Now is the time to think carefully about testing decisions and begin implementing some strategies to allow for practice on the new platforms. Go with a positive mindset that we asked for help and TEA has responded :-)

I appreciate all you do!

Check out these links. Share the knowledge! Help ease the minds of fearful teachers.

Dyslexia Requirements

The 2014 new Dyslexia Handbook is out. Several clarifications to (TEC §21.054(b) are addressed. The most important is to get staff to complete online training. The training is for ALL teachers who teach a student with dyslexia. The course is in Eduphoria and several teachers have already completed the course. All remaining teaching staff need to have this done by January 6th.

The other tidbit is that we should now add dyslexia services in ARD paperwork. The frequency and duration of services must be indicated in the schedule of services. We will train sped staff about this requirement, but please also double check if you are in an ARD to mention this addition for students enrolled in a dyslexia course or receiving direct support for dyslexia. Thanks!

Here's a link to the Dyslexia Handbook FAQs: http://www.region10.org/interactive-dyslexia-handbook/c-q-and-a/c5-q-a/

Legal update-Bullying

Jim Walsh stopped by one of our Region 13 meetings to share new information on bullying. In addition to investigating the incident of bullying, ARD committees are required to hold a review ARD and determine (if the bullying was based upon the student's disability) was there a denial of FAPE. What does this mean? The ARD committee will need to see if the bullying had any effect on the student receiving an education--i.e. did you see a change in attendance or grades which could be directly attributed to the incident of bullying.

The ARD committee will not get involved in the general investigation of bullying. We just have to meet to determine if the reported incident was a denial of FAPE. Keep your sped staff abreast of any bullying issues so an ARD can be scheduled if necessary.