By Sean Adin & Amit Levi

SMS Today

80 billion SMS texts are sent every month in the US!!
Have you ever tried it?. If you have not so you should! SMS are so popular
Almost 90% of the American people use SMS.
And almost 96 % of the British people use it!


SMS= short messaging service.
SMS is a text message that can be sent in mobile phone or in the Internet.
In the SMS not only text can be sent. Many media things can be sent like photos, videos and more.

When did it begin?

The SMS has been started to be used since the 1980'. It was created by a Finnish engineer named Matti Makkonen. Makkonen aimed to develop a very simple messaging system that would work even when the receiving device was switched off or was out of its coverage area. The first SMS message was sent in December 1992 by the UK Cellular network Vodafone.

The pros of the SMS

The SMS communication has pros like:
1. SMS is a cool way to communicate and almost everbody uses it.
2.Also Text messaging is a good alternative in situations where phone calling is not
appropriate, for example, during a meeting.

3. Easier to text someone if you're not confident about speaking face to face.

The cons of the SMS

SMS has cons aswell like:

1.The sms is addictive many people got addicted to this way of communication.

2. Also SMS are missusing the languages that spoken during the writing of the Sms.

3. While driving SMS can attract your attention and SMS have already made a lot of cars accidents.

Is the SMS still used today?

This mean of communication is still used today but not as much as it was in vogue several years ago .
Today there are more comfortable ways of texting. In our opinion and the future SMS services will not be used and other ways of communication will replace it.

Our opinion

We think that this means of communication is a comfortable, instant, cheap and easy to communicate in this way. However in our days there are more comfortable ways to communicate like: social networks,other messaging applications like: WhatsApp,Viber,Tango and etc. We think that in the future SMS will be used but less than now.