Glorious Revolution

By: Tess Unger

Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution was called "Glorious" because there was no bloodshed throughout the entire revolution. It was a fight between absolutism and democracy and eventually effected the whole world in some way. It was an argument between the King and Parliament, Catholicism and Protestantism. It all started in 1509 with Henry the eighth and his thirst for power.

The stuggle between Protestanism and Catholicism

Throughout the years, England went back and forth of both religions. Every single leader that came to power switched the official religion every time. (The people were probably really confused). Whatever religion was the official one, everyone who believed in the other religion was persecuted.

Important People During the Glorious Revolution

How did the Glorious Revolution affect the rest of the world?

The Glorious Revolution had affected the rest of the world in ways that is unbelievable. America had been impacted because once England decided to destroy absolutism, so did they. England came up with the English Bill of Rights in 1689 to never re-live the revolution.