Quitters, INC.

Stephen King


The conflict of Quitters, Inc. is Dick Morrison and his struggle to quit smoking. Normally quitting smoking is no easy task but Quitters Inc. adds the fact that if u slip up you and your family will be severally punished. Heres the big catch about Quitters, Inc. You can not quit the program and u will be checked up on to see if you are smoking for the rest of your life.

Plot Line

  • Introduction. Dick Morrison decides he is ready to quit smoking.
  • Rising Action. Victor Explains Quitters, Inc. and the punishments to Dick.
  • Climax. The climax is when Victor is reenforcing how serious the business is with the rabbit in the cage torture.
  • Falling Action. The falling action is when dick completes the first part and no longer is due to non stop surveillance and can begin his life again
  • Resolution. The resolution is when Dick meets his friends wife and sees that she is missing a finger this means that his friend slipped just like he did.


This story shows foreshadowing by the fact that when victor is talking about the consequences of smoking he goes into much detail about each one at this point you can tell dick will slip up at least once.


I think that the message the author is trying to send is that the actions and choices you make affect others not just yourself.

Compelling aspect

The most compelling aspect of this story is the fact that it will make you think about the choices u make before you choose to make them.