Milkweed Bugs

Aidan R.

Life cycle

Milkweed bugs start out as an egg it takes about one week for the bug to hatch. When it hatches it goes through five nymph stages. Then it take about a month for it to become a adult. Then it becomes a milkweed beetle.


Milkweed bugs eat milkweed, sap, sunflower seeds, and the toxins from milkweed seeds.


Milkweed bugs have a variety of colors like red, orange, and creamy yellow. The milkweed bug has the three body parts that are the head, thorax, and abdomen. Milkweed bugs eat with their tube like beak.


The milkweed babies look like their parents when they are hatched only if there immature. Milkweed babies are one inch and one mm. Milkweed babies are so small that you can not even notice them if there crawling around.


A milkweed bugs protection is there warning colors. There toxins to give there predator poison so they don't get eaten.

Different species

The milkweed beetle, eastern box elder bug, and large/small milkweed bugs.

Interesting facts

Female milkweed bugs lay thirty to fifty eggs but lay two thousand eggs in her life time.
There is a bug that looks like the milkweed bug. Milkweed bugs only mate after they survived winter through may-June.