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It's been a while since we sent an updated photo of the family. And it feels rather strange taking a "family" photo with half the family missing. But this group shot is made up of those who still live at home: Nathan (14), John, Allison (15), Kelly, Aaron (13), and David (17).

Camel Jockeys

This year, July 4 saw John and Christopher flying across the Atlantic to attend meetings in Ethiopia. First stop - Israel, where they had a few days to tour Israel (Jerusalem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee). Their last few days were spent in Tel Aviv, hunkering down as Israel and Hamas began the first of many days of rocket launches. Praise God, they were able to return home safely!

For John, one of the most impactful things about being in Israel was not only being in the land where Jesus walked and ministered, it was also being mindful of what lies ahead in this region of the world and what is yet to come when Christ returns. "And His name will be the hope of all the world" (Matthew 12:21).

Next stop was a 10 hour layover in Cairo, Egypt. What does one do with a long layover? Why, catch a ride to see the pyramids--on a camel, of course!

Still smelling like camels, they flew from Cairo to Ethiopia where they met with leaders from all over the globe. It was a great time of meeting together, discussing ways we can better partner together to bring God's Word to communities without Scripture.

Twelve days after their departure, John and Christopher made it safely home!

  • Praise God for this opportunity for Christopher to attend these meetings with his dad, and for the great memories they made together!
  • Pray that God will produce much fruit from this set of meetings, that together with partners around the world, we can see more and more lives transformed by the translated Word.
  • In the midst of tremendous unrest, please pray for the peace of Israel. May all nations look to Jesus as the source of our hope and peace.

A Different Kind of Poverty

In our last update, we told you about Kelly's new role as Director of Wycliffe's Women of the Word. One area in which we desire to engage people is through a curriculum that Kelly has developed. This curriculum seeks to bring awareness and advocacy for the more than one billion women, children and families around the world who are suffering from the devastating impact of poverty.

Everyone needs food, clothing, clean water, and a roof over their head. As believers, it’s our responsibility to help the impoverished.

Being impoverished means existing in a state of neediness and insufficiency. And while you may not suffer from physical poverty, we all find ourselves in a state of spiritual neediness and insufficiency. All too often, we live as if we're self-sufficient and don't need anyone or anything. But we - and the whole world - need Jesus!

Read more about how we in Wycliffe are striving to address spiritual poverty, bringing the translated Word of God and seeing lives transformed - heart, mind, soul, and body.

Check out our new website!

Wycliffe has a new website, with plenty of opportunities to engage on a deeper level. Go to to find videos, stories, children's curriculum, and more!

Let's stay in touch

For years we have been sustained through the kindness and generosity of people like you who have shared out of their lack and out of their abundance. We are so very grateful for you! Your partnership, prayer, support, and engagement with us is highly valued by our family.

Would you let us know how we can be praying for you? We'd love to bring you and your needs before the throne of our gracious God, knowing we will receive mercy and find grace to help us when we need it most (Hebrews 4:16).

Until all the nations worship,

John & Kelly

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